Enjoy the sensation! Your hair can feel exotic and chic with some of nature’s best ingredients to nourish your hair.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Jellua

Where does the name “Jellua” come from?

“Jellua” is Korean for “It is the best”!

What makes Jellua shampoo and conditioner so unique?

The power of Jellua shampoo and conditioner comes from the combination of its natural ingredients:
Squid Ink
Green Tea
Morus Alba Bark Extract
Oils of Lavender & Orange
Amino Acids
Positive Ion of Silicon

Where does the squid ink come from?

Squid ink has been a natural by-product of the commercial fishing industry for generations in Seoul, South Korea.

What’s so special about squid ink as an ingredient?

Squid ink is a potent natural nutrient for hair. Here’s the short chemistry:

Hair: 91% keratin protein

Keratin Protein: Long chains of 18 different amino acids

Amino Acids: The building blocks that link together and form long chains of proteins

Squid Ink is the combination of amino acids and melanin that can penetrate deep within each hair follicle to repair, restore and replenish proteins that have been damaged or lost. The penetration of squid ink on a molecular level enables it to read and determine the need of repair for each individual hair follicle!

Does Jellua Squid Ink work on all hair types?

Yes! It has the inherent ability to penetrate and decode the characteristics of all hair types and repair, restore and replenish. Jellua brings out the beauty of all hair, from thin and straight to thick
and curly, across all ethnicities.

Will I see immediate results?

See for yourself the immediate results from just one complete use of both the Jellua Squid Ink Active Shampoo and the Jellua Repair Treatment Cream.

Is there a difference between the initial deep treatment and daily use?

A 20-minute deep conditioning treatment, as described on the bottle, will kick-start the revitalization of your hair. Regular daily use offers a continual, sustained approach to repair and replenish your hair and restore its natural shine. The benefits of doing both far outweigh the still admirable benefits of just one approach.

How much is enough when I pump the shampoo and repair cream?

Jellua’s hair care options are professional-level products, so a little goes a long way! Because they are so concentrated, the amount in just one pump is usually sufficient for shorter hair (for the repair cream, that’s about the size of a pea), and two pumps tends to work well for much longer hair. Using too much Jellua may make the hair difficult to rinse thoroughly.

Our Ingredients

Amino Acids

Defined: Necessary building blocks to form proteins in the follicle.
Their Secret: Selectively recognize damage to be corrected.
Value: Promote strength to each individual hair follicle.
Result: A more healthy follicle to stimulate hair growth.

Oils of Lavender & Orange

Their Secret: Known as the “Oils of Healing,” with their ability to improve skin and provide a calming effect.
Value: Antioxidant qualities, plus high in Vitamin C.

Morus Alba Bark Extract

Origin: Known as the White Mulberry tree.
Its Secret: Strong, natural medicinal treatment.
Value: Deep penetration into each follicle to cleanse and stimulate the scalp.

Green Tea

Origin: Northern China
Its Secret: Rich in catechin polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant.
Value: Promotes a healthy scalp and healthy hair follicles by removing excess scalp keratins.

Positive Ion of Silicon

Its Secret: Connecting element that holds together the chains of amino acids that become protein.
Value: Balances the negative ions from heat, UV rays, chemical treatments or product build-up.
Result: Ultimate protection for the hair that will provide shine, volume and the look and feel of healthy hair.


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